Let me help make your layout what you envision

I prefer to build in N scale, especially due to shipping charges for large items.

About this build.

When Aaron contacted me to build this model for his dad, I couldn't resist.  The museum is where his dad would see the Union Pacific's "BIG BOY" steam locomotive.  The building was once a Denver Power station.  The model had to be able to hold the model of the loco.  

It took me about a month of research, design, and numerous trips to the hobby store to find all the styrene and parts needed to build this magnificent structure.  But the results and the joy his dad expressed in receiving it made this well worth it!  Fantastic family.  


"My son Aaron presented me with the beautiful Forney Museum building that you built. It is absolutely gorgeous; in super detail, and weathered to match the real thing here in Denver. Thank you very much for the GREAT WORK!!!"

"So it was shipped to my parents. Dad opened it and was hooting and hollering about how awesome it was! He said he needed to get a turntable for it and I thought he meant a rail turntable. No he went out and bought an electric display turntable for it! It's sitting on my parent's home office desk! Until it finds a permanent home on the layout once we finish the bench work."