Here is what is on my mind today...

CSX is mostly owned by Mantle Ridge Hedge fund.  So should I call out "Mantle Ridge 5377, east on 2..." instead of CSX 5377?

And now I see that a Norfolk Southern crew, using our engine on their tracks, hit a tanker truck carrying hazmat.  Its days like this that make me wanna change careers.  I see close calls every day.

As for the layout, I put a lot of work in yesterday on the Westinghouse bridge, and made a pump house for the mill.  So thats coming along nicely.

March 18th, 2018

Planning a trip out to Omaha, Nebraska for the Ralston Train show on June 9th and 10th.  I would like to have an area to show some easy scratch building techniques, and help answer questions about how the real railroads operate.  I also look forward to meeting some subscribers of my youtube videos.  I would love to do a video of the show, and help promote the hobby.

Are you able to attend the show?

Last week...

I had my photo taken by Ethan right after I boarded this kansas city southern engine, and also a few days later on this CSX engine.  I worked a lot last week.