Signals & Their Speeds

When a signal has a speed attached, the following applies:

SLOW - 15 Mph

MEDIUM - 30 Mph

LIMITED - 45 Mph

CLEAR - Track Speed

APPROACH - Trains exceeding medium speed must immediately reduce speed to 30 Mph as soon as signal is visible.  Prepare to stop at next signal.

STOP - 0

RESTRICTED PROCEED - RESTRICTING - 15 Mph looking out for obstructions, 20 if not on a turnout.

Train Speeds

Intermodal Trains - 60 Mph

Welded Rail trains (loaded)  40 Mph, 10 Mph through truss bridges, over turnouts.

Empty Non Intermodal Trains - 50 Mph

Unit Trains of coal, coke, iron ore - 50 Mph

Single Engine and no cars - 30 Mph

Side Dump cars (generally) 30 Mph

Track Speeds

All tracks other than main tracks on CSX are 10 Mph, unless otherwise noted in special instructions.

Engine Tracks & Servicing Tracks - 5 Mph


Other Railroads or other locations on CSX may have slightly different restrictions than those here.  


Manually Testing Your Speed

At specific points (found in our timetable), there are measured mile markers along the right of way, that we use a stop watch to check our speed.  Most of the time our speedometer is accurate, but we still check their accuracy on every trip.