Yard Design Video

Check out this great video on yard design.

What I am using

Making My Yard Tracks

Not All Tracks Are Perfect

I like atlas code 80 flex track, but the shiny black ties and the ties with the nail hole can be improved for more realism.  First I cut some length off the the width of the ties.  Then I cut off the ties with the nail holes.  

Brown Spray Paint

Using a brown spray paint, I painted the bottom of the tracks, because some areas between the ties are hard for paint  to reach once track is glued down.  

More Paint

Then I spray the top and sides.  already it looks more like hardly used yard track.

A Little Weathering

I just added a little bit of grey and black to add some weathering.  Now this ready for my yard.  You can add more ties to fill in the gaps, But I prefer this look with weeds and cinders in the gaps.